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How to book a class

For first-timers to new Align Studio, please register for a MINDBODY account here [REGISTRATION]. The MINDBODY account allows you to book for classes and check your visit/ purchase history. Your email address will be your unique login ID.

Please take note of the email address and password to log-in for future bookings.
Before the Class. Please read our Studio Etiquette and arrive at least 10 minutes before class, to allow for sufficient time to settle in. Do let the instructor know that you are new and if you have any injuries/health issues.

What to bring/wear

We recommend wearing stretchy, gently fitted light clothing. Mats, towels, lockers, shower and changing facilities are provided. Bring along your own water or fill up a bottle at the studio’s water dispenser.

What to Eat and Drink

Do come to class hydrated as you will sweat and get a good work out! We recommend avoiding heavy meals 2–3 hours before a class, as you may experience discomfort during yoga postures when food is not properly digested